Poker Clothing

Clothes. Naturally. Biological. Organic. Handmade. For Winners. Stylish. Pro. Sexish. Pokerish. Loose and Aggressive. Young. Old. Fashioned. German. Munich. For Man. For Woman. For Players. Creative. Trendy. Sportish. Stuiped.

Suicide King.

Poker Hoodies for pro player

Our Hoodies are well performer and made for pro poker player. Suicide King Hoodies are individuel, unique and concepted for playing poker comfortable.

We select pure stuff and print the finest style on it.

100% organic and produced by our self in germany.

Ask for finest stuff. We sit here and wait for your request.

Cheers. All in.


About us fishs

We are all winners…and sometimes loosers. Depence on luck and the cards and the right clothes.

After we recognized that clothes are more important for poker than knowledge we decided to get the right style on it.

Our aim is always to die after the bubble boy.

So, wear our stuff and we will meet on the final table.